Holistic Wealth Management

Taylor Investment Management, LLC is an independent Registered lnvestment Advisor (RIA) serving individuals, families, and small businesses throughout the United States.

Clients choose to work with us for a variety of reasons.  In almost every case, the decision comes down to a mutual feeling of trust, integrity, and transparency.  These words are not a tagline to us - but rather, the deeply-ingrained product of a life and career spent in pursuit of truth and virtue.

"The financial markets are extremely complex.  I managed money throughout my career for some of the largest, most sophisticated investors in the world (Pension Funds, University Endowments, Foundations, Central Banks, etc).  These institutional investors have a whole industry (Investment Consulting) dedicated to guiding them through the complexity.  Individual investors, on the other hand, are largely unprotected, exposed to the forces of greed and fear that are stoked by the financial media and exploited by industry charlatans.  Individual investors are routinely overwhelmed by these forces at exactly the wrong time, resulting in poor financial and investment decisions.  I retired from the institutional money management profession to pursue a more meaningful life and work.  Taylor Investment Management is the result of that pursuit."

Dan Taylor, President 

How are we Different?

Taylor Investment Management was formed solely and specifically to be the change in the financial industry - to provide a place where individuals and families can turn for honest, professional help in managing their investments and financial affairs.  We are committed to bringing institutional-quality investment management to the individual investor for a fair and transparent fee.  Why?  Because it's the right thing to do.  We are similarly committed to timeless principles like Integrity, Transparency, and Fairness - and have built them into the fabric of our business model.  That's different - refreshingly different.  

Ask yourself this simple question: Is it likely that by working with a 20-year veteran of professional investing that your investment performance could be 1% better?  If the answer is yes, as I believe it is, contact us - we should be working together.  If you're currently working with another advisor, let us do a complimentary audit of your account, checking for inappropriate risks and/or excessive fees.  The vast majority of so-called "financial advisors" are not institutionally-trained professional investors, and they are not fiduciaries.  As a fiduciary, Taylor Investment Management is legally obligated to act in our clients' best interests.  Banks, brokerages, and insurance agents have no such obligation - and in fact, they are fighting regulators efforts to legally make them fiduciaries.  Ask yourself why they would be fighting an obligation to act in clients' best interests - then ask yourself why you are still working with them.  We are a fiduciary.  We manage your money in-house.  And we charge a transparent fee that's designed only to allow us to run a sustainable business - not to get rich off our clients.  

Ours is a simple, straightforward value proposition - experienced, professional investment management in exchange for a fair, reasonable, and transparent fee.  Refreshingly old-fashioned simplicity in an industry rife with misrepresentation and self-dealing.  Join the movement to restore civic values to business by expressing that preference in all of your buying decisions - starting with where your money is managed.  Contact Us.

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

- Mahatma Ghandi


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